Exclusive brands

That they will be able to differentiate you deal.

Mark the difference.

We all know the importance of offering a differential and authentic product so that the consumer visits you and buys from you instead of from your competition. That is why at Stockmarca we combine the distribution of recognized fashion brands that attract consumers, with other more exclusive and innovative brands that will make them fall in love and that they will only find in our clients' stores.

Sell ​​them exclusively

We have agreements with different brands that we distribute exclusively. Giving you at no added cost the possibility of offering brands that only you will have in your area.

Soon fashion

We offer you a dynamic assortment of the latest fashion garments with affordable prices that we renew week by week and send you in 24/48 hours.

Wide margin

Our exclusive brands have a wide distribution margin that will give you flexibility when it comes to making promotions and increasing your sales.

QBeautiful Milano

Born in 2008, QGuapa Milano is the result of the intuition, commitment and dedication of the Tessile Ranieri Group. Resulting in a strong passion for fashion from over 40 years of experience. With exquisite tailoring whose mission is to provide elegance and sophistication even on the least formal occasions. Also betting on an excellent quality / price ratio.


Sorbino is the result of fifty years of experience in the clothing sector within Italian fashion. Guaranteeing a production that complies with the highest research standards in matters of design and quality. Creating collections for the modern man always loaded with freshness, elegance and originality.


Founded in 2002 and with a wide expansion in Italy, the ARTIGLI collections are characterized by a contemporary style in tune with international trends. Dedicated to women attentive to the value of femininity who always love to find new outfits for their image. Guaranteeing each garment the unique value of Italian style


Etiem is a Galician firm with strong international expansion that is committed to innovation in design and high textile quality, offering garments for both men and women. Using the latest technology fabrics to create cosmopolitan collections halfway between the office and the magic of the city when it turns on its lights.


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We will tell you everything you need to know to start building your dream with the best foot. And if you already have a store, we will provide you with the stock of our best brands so that you have products that you really like and sell. Because jumping is not scary, what is scary is not living with the passion to do it.

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